May 27, 2006

Recipes of Japanese Cooking

Interesting books were found in They are books to which recipes of typical Japanese cooking is written in English. Recipes such as the sushi, the tempura, sukiyakis, and miso soups are introduced. Try to cook Japanese food.

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Bamboo Mouse and Keyboard

New products arrived! They are the mouse and keyboards made from the bamboo.
Keyboards to which English and Japanese are written and optical mouse are connected with PC by USB.
Other you can get unique goods of Japan. For more details, Visit our store at 1st
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May 13, 2006

The downtown in Japan of 20's

This photo is an underground restaurant area in the sky building in Osaka. The downtown in Japan of 20's is reproduced in the retro. There is artificial biotope in the ground, and the oasis in the city.
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May 4, 2006

Hot spring of Gero and Japanese restaurant

It is in the midst on the "Golden Week" holidays now in Japan. It is the week when four of the national holidays happen during the end of April and the beginning of May. Quite a few Japanese are enjoying consecutive holidays of nine days in the maximum.
I went to a hot spring in Gifu with my family over the long holiday. Gero in Gifu is one of the three major hot spring resorts in Japan as well as Hakone in Kanagawa and Yufuin in Oita, and it takes about four hours from Osaka by car.
We took a leisurely bath as long as time permitted. My wife was pleased to say that her skin became so smooth.

After having enjoyed the hot spring, we ate lunch in the inn. The service was very good, and we were very satisfied as the staff in the restaurant prepared the fruit cup for our daughter free of charge. We had a good time relieving our stress.

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