May 5, 2007

Kimono Style Case for Apple iPod nano 1st and 2nd Generation

As a cool item arrived, we present it.

Japanese style special case corresponding to of iPod nano the 1st and 2nd generation

Unique case to use cloth of Japanese style pattern for surface. It is a case with good touch made from the crepe cloth. Design that is simple and values easiness to use. A comfortable wheeling is possible.

In a front part that becomes an accent, high-class genuine leather is arranged in surroundings of the wheel and the liquid crystal. There are a press stud and a leather belt in the bottom, and they prevent iPod from falling. In addition, the ring in which the strap and the key ring are installed is sewn in the back. The color is a purple-blue of a purple keynote. Leather is a black with feeling of luxury.

Japanese Style Store - 1st

Spider-Man3 and Universal Studios Japan

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This is a photograph in the Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. I have gone there with my family on holiday. My daughter of five years was very pleased. Especially, Snoopy's Playland and The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man - The Ride were popular. As for Spider-Man, The Movie Festival of Spider-Man3 had been held and the movie had been unveiled in advance of the world. The gap between a poor student with a lot of worries and the super hero who saves the world is very interesting. I want to go to see the movie one of these days.

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