February 2, 2008

Our trip to Guam 2008


Our family visited Guam from Jan. 23 to 27th. The travel from cold Japan to hot Guam, it was very hard for us.
The purpose of the travel was sightseeing, and especially, shopping of my wife. My role was to carry their luggage and to take a lot of photos and videos.

I had looked forward to the conversation in English with a local person before I went to Guam.
I started speaking in English to them, "Excuse me, sir?"
But they answered in Japanese fluently, "Nihongo de OK desu!"

The town in Guam was full of Japanese beyond the reach of my imagination. Conversations with clerks, signboards in the downtown area, menus of restaurant, sightseeing maps, etc.

After all, I had relied on Japanese and easy English while traveling. I regret a little that I should have made the effort to speak in English more positively.

I stuck to correct English too much. Of course, I think that I should do so in the place of the business. But, in usual conversations, I felt that a little broken English might be friendlier, and be the expression that understands easily for the other party.

People in Guam were very kind and friendly. For curiosity or their business, they tried to understand Japan positively. There were a lot of things that I had to learn from them.

We would like to express our gratitude to all people whom we met in this travel.

We hope that we will visit Guam again, thank you Guam! We left the paradise on earth.

When we returned home to Japan, about 500 E-mail and a pile of work were waiting for me.

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Anonymous said...

Hafa Adai! Konnichiwa! I'm glad you enjoyed our beatiful island and hope you will come back more often with new faces.

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