April 1, 2006

Himeji Castle and delicious octopus

My family and I went to Himeji Castle. It took about two hours from Osaka where we lived by train.
Himeji Castle was built in the Middle Ages. It is called the white egret castle from the magnificent rampart covered with plaster. In the castle, there was a contrivance to prevent the ninja's invasion. It was popular among the tourist from foreign countries, and a lot of people visiting.
This photo was taken with my cell phone camera.
In returning, we stopped by Akashi. It is famous because a delicious octopus can be captured. We ate deep-fried octopus and takoyaki (balls of wheat-flour batter cooked with pieces of octopus) there. As for the sushi and slices of raw fish, the octopus is delicious. Let's try to those menus if you visit Japan.
Spring comes soon in Japan. We are looking forward to have a party with seeing cherry blossoms.
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